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Adah Bryant, granddaughter of Charles Davis Bryant, a prominent citizen of Bangor, inherited a large sum of money and property from her grandfather at the age of 27.  After a few years of world travels, she returns to Bangor and purchases the property on which currently stands the Green Gem. In 1908, this property held the farmstead of Daniel Webster, and she purchased the land from Mr. Webster.

In 1904, Dr. William C. Peters  moved to Bangor to become the first orthopedic surgeon at Eastern Maine General Hospital (now Eastern Maine Medical Center). By 1906 Dr. Peters and Adah Bryant are married, and by 1911 the house as we know it today was built. The house was designed by Milton Stratton, an architect known for many Bar Harbor “cottages”.

Adah was a member at large of the Garden Club of America, New York Horticultural Society, Massachusetts Horticultural Society, and other important garden organizations.  Her love for gardening and horticulture prompted her to engage the nationally known Olmstead Brothers to engineer the garden and historic landscape. Original blueprints from 1913 and 1914 highlight over 70 species of trees and flora.

Other interests of Adah included the Women’s Republican Club of New York, the Shakespeare Club of Bangor and the Unitarian Church of Bangor. Dr. Peters helped create the first playground in Bangor, the Abbott Playground, near the Bangor Public Library. Dr. Peters also rendered outstanding service in the Medical Corp of World War I.

Over the years, the property has been owned by the Peters, Knowles, Beach, and Clough families. It is now owned by Julie Sites, who has partnered with Sandy Fortin, Founder and Executive Director of the Green Gem Holistic Healing Oasis to preserve this historical landscape  which continues to have much to offer to Bangor.

This is only a taste of the many accomplishments of Adah Bryant and Dr. William C Peters. Please visit the Green Gem to learn more!



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