About The Green Gem


10482592_653764208087437_3047004710233660880_nAt the Green Gem, we believe in Developing Human Potential by:

Empowering and Connecting Individuals through innovative, experiential programs.

Various cultural experiences.

A variety of resources that promote healthy living and facilitate personal growth.

An expansive and collaborative network of wellness experts to guide personal healing and nurturing mind, body, and spirit to help you live your best life.


Cultivate healthy lifestyles by providing easy access to diverse health practices, holistic learning opportunities, and community involvement.


A vision creating a collaborative community of health and wellness experts from culturally diverse practices working towards innovative solutions in balanced whole being by incorporating body, mind, and spirit.

  • Heal ~ Live our fullest potential through accountable wellbeing.
  • Educate ~ Facilitate growth by enlightening and providing resources.
  • Collaborate ~ Share knowledge while supporting each other’s journey.
  • Serve ~ Promote diverse health choices with equality and ease.
Creating a collaborative network of health and wellness guides from culturally diverse practices working towards innovative solutions in achieving a balanced whole being and in developing human potential through a wellness campus connecting:
  • Health: Integrate Body, Mind and Spirit wellness through diverse Wellness Guides, coaches, counselors and healers.
  • Community & Service: Participate in social & networking events, collaborate with a variety of nonprofits, and build resilience through services available to individuals in all cultural and socio-economic communities.
  • Education: Encourage and support creative, intellectual and environmentally-minded beings through:
    • Complementary alternative medicine
    • Healing Arts and Music Therapies
    • Creative programs in journaling, art, performance, dance, music, etc.
    • Diverse cultural traditions that honor wellness and environmental protection
    • Deriving inspiration from discovering and exploring historical and ancestral connections and stories
    • Food as medicine and building a mindful community through farm-to-table events
    • Nurture through nature outdoor adventures
    • Animal-assisted therapy
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